A WAN THAI MASSAGE was established since 1997. We have established a full and regular list of clients. By lessening the tension in your muscles, we can help you overcome a number of stress related health issues including INSOMNIA, FATIGUE, SORE MUSCLES,ACHES, INFLAMMATION, ARTHRITIS,ETC. A peaceful oasis, staffed by fully qualified therapists. Clean and peaceful environment.

Thai massage practices if it inspires in Ancient Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines.
Its Origins enigmatic son, but the techniques used would inherited Thai hermits. Wat Pho temple located in Bangkok, is considered as the birthplace of traditional Thai massage.
Similarities can be found with Chinese acupressure, but are very different practices.
Thai massage focuses on all the body's energy lines. It is a full massage, which calls Corps contradictory and needs a long session.
A full Thai massage lasts 2 to 3 hours on average.
The massage is practiced on the floor, on tatami or mat, to give more space to the therapist. It usually begins with a manipulation of the soles of the feet, to have  overview  of the strengths and weaknesses of the Body.
The therapist performs  pressure on the lines and meridians, to restore good circulation of energy in the body. He uses thumbs, elbows, knees and feet to perform manipulations.
Massage is also active during the session. It follows a phase of stretching  to release tension and regenerate the body.

Traditionally, Thai massage unifies the body and mind and improves the well being.
Thai massage can be used for preventive or therapeutic mode. Among its virtues, this massage can relax the muscles, gain flexibility and enjoy a better range of movement.
Pressures and stretching performed during a session of Thai massage relieve nervous tension and sleep disorders.
Thai massage is not recommended for children or pregnant women, because a particularly forceful methods. It is best to avoid recourse to the Thai massages in case of cardiovascular disease, skin lesions or bone fragility.
Unless these contraindications, Thai massage can be recommended to everyone, including older people to help them gain flexibility.